Call for entries: Sampler for the website

by | 25. 07.2022

  • The online fair Textile Art Berlin online is holding a call for entries.
  • Subject matter/representation: abstract or representational – no limits or specifications will restrict your creativity.
  • Colour and material: All “textile” materials in the broadest sense (“fibre art”!): all shades of red with some black and white. Other materials can be brought in (beads, buttons, glass, metal, paper, plastic…).
  • Format: the work should have an aspect ratio of 21×9. (This corresponds to the aspect ratio of the image in the header of the Textile Art Berlin online website). The size is irrelevant, only the aspect ratio is important. So possible dimensions would be 21×9 cm, 31,5×13,5 cm, 42×18 cm.
  • Techniques: All textile techniques are allowed – alone or in combination with others.
  • Number: Several works can be submitted.
  • Exhibition: All submitted works will be shown online in a special exhibition on the Textile Art Berlin website.
  • Judging: A jury will select the pieces that will be shown alternately in the header of the website.

Submission address:

Closing date for entries is 1 December 2022