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Dragon is a small image of cheerfulness, especially since the Chinese character rests on a flower in warm red. In Chinese tradition, dragons are not threatening, as they are in our tradition. For example, we encounter a dangerous dragon in the Saga of the Nibelungs. It guards a gold treasure and the hero Siegfried has the task of killing this thoroughly evil creature.
Chinese dragons, on the other hand, are symbols of luck and intelligence. They can be found on the silk brocade dresses of emperors, who called their throne Dragon Throne. In my painting Dragon there is harmony between the mythical creature and the nature it is surrounded by.
Against a light background, the dots in the picture are also closely connected. As the title of the picture suggests, each of them has connected with another. Thus, none remains alone. Their connections seem to flow from upper right to lower left. Some have bright colors, others resemble small streams. In them, small beads seem like drops of water. A boundary puts a stop to the flowing movements.
We often associate the color gray with the month of November and with a certain melancholy. And yet it is fascinating to study the nuances of gray. Our everyday language knows many designations, such as dove gray, anthracite or ash gray. These three are neutral, while mouse gray, or “a gray mouse” is not flattering as a term for a human being. In my picture, gray can be seen in many gradations between black and white. The various materials wool fabric, wild silk, silk, lace, a button, beads a rhinestone butterfly, as well as various embroidery threads invite you to delve into shades of gray.
Such a river landscape with flowers exists only in art. The flowers and grasses on the banks of the river do not observe any laws of nature. Their size is unreal, as is the perspective with which the viewer looks at them. The arms of the river meander through a mossy soil and flow completely unregulated. We are not looking at a landscape that exists somewhere, but at a combination of different elements. They are fantastic in the truest sense of the word. After all – the frame of oak wood captures everything.