Upcycling and hand embroidery with Amelia Nin

Amelia Nin
Website: www.amelianin.com
Instagram: @amelia_nin_textilart
E-Mail: amelia.nsdr@gmail.com
Tel.: +49 1794825370
+49 1794825370

In this workshop we will explore the many creative possibilities of a simple stitch. Inspired by the beautiful Indian Kantha embroidery, the Japanese Boro technique with its traditional Sashiko embroidery and the ideas I will give you and the design tools I will teach you, you will make your own creations in a sustainable and conscious way.
You can apply the results to an existing garment to give it new life, or create your own composition to use as decoration or inspiration for new work.

No previous embroidery experience is required to take part, everyone is welcome. You will learn the basic stitches you need and how to combine them to create a textile composition that will enhance the garment or item you wish to interlace.

The workshop will run over 2 days with a duration of 3 hours per day.
On the first day we will focus on technique and creative resources.
The second day is dedicated to composition, where I will guide you through the creative process.

We will talk about colours, materials, textures, techniques and design, but most importantly we will enjoy the process and stimulate our creativity.

Embroidery hoop (optional).
Embroidery needles in different sizes
Several small pieces of fabric, preferably of a similar thickness
Embroidery threads
Soluble pencil for marking or chalk pencil
Garment or object to reach into (optional).

2 days 3 hours per day
Minimum 3 maximum 10 participants

Workshop with Zoom, 14 and 15 May, Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m.

Course fee:
90,00 Euro

Amelia Nin
Tel.: 0179 / 482 53 70
Instagram: @amelia_nin_textilart

Personal details:

Born in Montevideo. Studied textile design. Ten years of design experience for the fabric industry in Uruguay and Mexico. Since 2007 living and working with her own workshop in Berlin. Main focus of work: Surface changes through weaving, embroidery, ageing, bleaching, painting and dyeing.