Amelia Nin

With free, spontaneous and carefree embroidery, I explore my very own inner expression.

I was born in Durazno, Uruguay and currently live in Berlin, Germany, where I also have my workshop.
I spent my childhood among fabrics, wool and threads. I learned to weave, sew and embroider from my grandparents – from them I inherited my passion for textiles.
I studied textile design at the University School of Design (CDI in Montevideo, Uruguay) and then spent more than 10 years designing fabrics for the industry. For 5 years I lived and worked in Mexico City. This experience had a great impact on me and made me rethink my goals as a textile designer in 2005. My original interest in craftsmanship and my enthusiasm for the various ancient textile techniques was reawakened. Since then, research and experimentation have taken on an increasingly important role in my artistic work.
In my textile compositions I create atmospheres that respond to inner voices. My motivation is to create images that have an inherent emotional state that I want to portray.
I like to work with fabrics in which time has left its traces. I then put these together and transform them by using different techniques, be it dyeing, painting, bleaching, etc., but above all I use embroidery as a means of expression.
I am interested in embroidery not only because it is a versatile technique that gives me many aesthetic possibilities, but also because of the memory load that embroidery carries. As if the thread could tell us the stories and secrets of so many women from other times and eras.
With free, spontaneous and carefree embroidery, I explore my very own inner expression. In embroidery I rebel against imposed immediacy, I lose track of time and my state of consciousness changes. I try to embroider the intangible; sometimes I embroider with my eyes closed in search of perfect imperfection.